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On the hunt for simple vegan recipes for beginners? We’ve all been there! Well, okay, perhaps not all of us, but there’s certainly a lot of people out there looking to cut meat out of their diet and ditch the dairy, too. When it comes to sourcing delicious vegan alternatives or thinking up some tasty and creative vegan recipe ideas, we’ve got a fair bit of experience; what’s more, we’ll be honest with you about what’s good and what’s not. On this blog, you’ll have access to a whole host of vegan recipe ideas – all of which are our own tried and tested creations! Catering for vegans, vegetarians and anybody who is just that little bit curious to give the plant-based world a spin, we have dishes that are free from gluten, soya-less and made without nuts, too.
Oh, and we should probably mention…whilst we enjoy the odd salad now and then, if you came here looking only for healthy vegan dishes then you might be disappointed! Health is incredibly important to us but so is indulging in something a little bit naughty from time to time. With our selection of simple, vegan desserts, we’re hoping to show everyone just how easy it is to give up meat, dairy and eggs. But everything in moderation of course – we’ve also got an extensive selection of vegan recipe ideas for breakfast, lunch and dinner, too. So, even if dessert isn’t your thing (if that’s even possible?!) then we’ve got you covered. From seasoned veggie munchers to those in need of simple vegan recipes for beginners, you’re sure to find a dish or two that takes your fancy on here. 
We really hope you enjoy the food, blogs, photos and more that we have on offer. For tips, advice or to challenge us on creating a dish that you want to see veganised, don’t hesitate to get in contact.
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