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As you can probably imagine, being vegan in New York isn’t exactly a challenge. But sometimes it’s worse when you’re spoilt for choice; everything sounds delicious but there just isn’t the time or money to try everything! That’s where we come in! Luckily for you (and us) after a recent trip to New York, we decided to compile a list of the top three places that you must go to if you’re in the Big Apple. And trust us, creating this list was as hard as it was delicious.

Cinnamon Snail

We absolutely loved this place, so much so that we went twice during our short stay in the city. Nestled in the heart of one of New York’s busiest intersections, the Cinnamon Snail at the Pennsy enjoys an incredibly convenient, central location that’s perfect for tourists and locals alike. The décor is clean, simple and modern and the food? Well, I’m not sure words can do it justice. Every day they offer a vast selection of freshly baked donuts and pastries including their signature creation, the Cinnamon Snail. Although it’s hard not to be tempted into clearing out their shelves, if you only go once then you really can’t leave without sampling this iconic cinnamon-y delight. Aside from sweet treats, they also have a decent selection of savoury food on offer. We tried a generously-filled smoky sausage burger that was made using seitan and topped with vegan mac n cheese. Feel free to drool over the pictures below…

With such friendly staff who were clearly passionate about the food that they were serving, seating both indoors and outdoors and a wealth of sweet and savoury options to choose from, the Cinnamon Snail has definitely earned its spot in our top three.


If you’ve heard of Chloe Coscarelli before then byCHLOE probably won’t be new to you. But for those who haven’t, after the success of her recipe books, Chloe opened an entirely vegan and gluten-free chain called byCHLOE, which now has multiple locations in America, including several in New York City alone. What we liked about this place was the chic and colourful interior; hanging chairs, mirrors on the walls and lots of potted plants created a stylish and uplifting atmosphere. The only downside to that is how inevitably busy it was; despite going after the lunchtime rush, we were lucky to get a table.

However, once we sat down with our whiskey seitan and mushroom burger, creamy mac n cheese and crispy sweet potato fries, the gamble on whether we’d manage to find a table was nothing but a distant memory. The prices are reasonable, the staff are friendly (though a little rushed off their feet) and there is plenty of choice. We particularly liked the refrigerated take-away section and the fact that everything was gluten-free.


Bareburger is a chain restaurant with several locations in New York. Although it’s not exclusively vegan or even vegetarian, they have plenty of suitable – and delicious – things to choose from and if you go to the one located at LaGuardia Place then you can even try the infamous vegan burger that bleeds (more on that to come). It can be great to go to an all-vegan restaurant or café but sometimes, particularly if you’re eating with a group of people who have different diets, it’s a good idea to pick a place that caters for everyone.

You can choose from options such as a black bean patty or portabella mushroom burger and a wealth of toppings, sides and sauces. But if you’re feeling really adventurous then we definitely recommend going for the Impossible Burger. This is an incredibly authentic meat-alternative that’s been in the making for years and down to the bloody appearance, it mimics the taste, texture and look of a real beef burger. And what better way to tempt your non-vegan friends? Click here to find out more. Back to the restaurant itself, we loved the atmosphere and décor and found the staff incredibly friendly and helpful. The prices were reasonable and the portion sizes were generous, too.

So, when it comes to eating vegan in New York, hopefully this has given you a couple of ideas. If you come across some restaurants, cafes or shops that you think we should know about, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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