Feature Friday – Goodfella’s Vegan Pizza

If you caught my most recent (and first!) Feature Friday then you might be surprised to see another one so soon. I did say it was going to be a once-a-month post, but then I got my hands on the new Goodfella’s vegan pizza and I couldn’t wait another month to talk about it!

So, a lot of you will have probably heard of the brand Goodfella’s before, but wouldn’t immediately associate it with vegan food. In fact, when I think of it, I picture mounds of cheese and pepperoni – not quite what I’d call veggie paradise. A couple of weeks ago, though, I was in Sainsbury’s stocking up on basically every Linda McCartney product ever made and I just happened to notice that Goodfella’s have brought out a frozen vegan pizza! Turns out there were several articles circulating the internet about its release but clearly, I completely missed them!

For starters, I think it’s so great to see so many non-vegan brands developing vegan products. I mean, take Ben and Jerry’s for example – their product is based almost entirely on dairy and even they’ve brought out a range of incredible vegan options. And now Goodfella’s, known for their cheese-smothered pizzas, have crafted something vegan-friendly. More than that though, they’ve clearly put some consideration into the flavours – but I’ll get into that in a minute…


goodfellas vegan pizza


FLAVOUR – perhaps controversial, but I thought it was a good idea to opt for a cheese-less pizza. Although there are some great vegan cheeses out there, in my experience (I’m basing this off the pizzas I’ve tried in America, such as Daiya) they can be pretty hit-and-miss. Instead, the toppings on the Goodfella’s vegan pizza are falafel, hummus and peppers with a slightly spiced tomato sauce. What makes this so good is that the flavours are strong enough to compensate for the lack of cheese.

Heads up: if you have absolutely no tolerance for spice (like yours truly…) then you might find the sauce a tad fiery! That said, the other three people I shared this with had no such complaints!


COOKING TIME – pretty standard at about 15-20 minutes. I really love how easy and convenient this is to make. Usually, when I fancy pizza, I end up going the whole nine yards and making everything from scratch. But there are plenty of times when I’m in the mood for some doughy goodness but can’t quite bring myself to make it. You have no idea how long I’ve been waiting for a product like this to make an appearance in my life! It’s also a pretty good feeling to eat and enjoy what’s technically ‘fast food’ without all the guilt of having something super unhealthy.


OVERALL IMPRESSION – I’ll definitely get this frozen vegan pizza again. And at £2.50, it’s really good to see it retailing for the same price as the other, ‘normal’ pizzas. So often, this isn’t the case! Let’s hope that other brands get the message and start creating their own versions.


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