The Best Vegan Finds In Berlin

Some of you might already know but I was actually lucky enough to live in Berlin for almost a year, and while I was there I came across some truly incredible, quirky and downright delicious finds. From vegan kebabs to footwear and clothing stores dedicated to ethical fashion, when it comes to the cruelty-free market, Berlin truly has it all. Read on to discover some of the best vegan restaurants Berlin has to offer as well as a few of my other favourite spots. Oh, and please let me know if I’ve missed anything, I’d hate to think there’s a burger I haven’t tried or a waffle cafe that I’m yet to indulge in!

If you’re keen to sample some of Berlin’s classic dishes then don’t let the fact that you don’t eat meat stop you from joining in on the Currywurst or Kebab experience. Berlin honestly has so much to offer by way of alternatives, you’ll likely be spoilt for choice – trust me, I’ve found it almost stressful in the past because I’m not used to having so many options! You wouldn’t think choosing a lunch venue could cause such a dilemma…

Read on for our list of the best vegan restaurants Berlin has on offer!


This is a truly fantastic place to eat.  Kopps is an entirely vegan restaurant that offers a sophisticated and relaxed dining atmosphere, particularly in the evening.  Whilst this comes at a slightly higher price, you certainly get your money’s worth, as the imagination, presentation and taste of the dishes are second to none.  Atypical to many vegetarian or vegan restaurants, this fine-dining experience is perfect for any special occasion; the regularly changing menu is highly creative and combines traditional German dishes with fresh, healthy ingredients. Hands down, this is one of the best vegan restaurants in Berlin and perhaps even further afield!

best vegan restaurants berlin


Vegan kebabs. Need I say any more? This unassuming little cafe-come-restaurant is right at home in the quirky district of Friedrichshain. A little treck from what you might call the ‘centre’ but it’s definitely worth the step count! At Vöner, they make and sell delicious meat-free kebabs, vegan hamburgers and – if you ask me – the BEST chips ever. You can choose from a range of toppings, sauces, sides and more for an incredibly tasty and unique meal.


With several branches in Berlin alone, and even more stores across Germany, you’re sure to find a place to bag your vegan groceries. Veganz is an entirely vegan supermarket, which – alongside fruits and veggies – sells products such as Beyond Meat, Gardein and Follow Your Heart. You can find virtually everything here, from the weird to the wonderful: vegan cheeses, meats, pizzas, yoghurts, ice cream, sweets and even a vegan turkey! The prices are generally higher than in supermarkets, but you are paying for cruelty-free products that can’t be found easily anywhere else! And if that wasn’t enough, you’ll find a Goodies café – one of the best vegan cafes in Berlin – in most Veganz stores, so you can grab a coffee and a slice of cake on your way out!

Vego Foodworld and Yoyo Foodworld

These fast-food burger joints are 100% vegan and whilst they may not take any prizes home for their looks, the food here is cheap, fast and delicious.  If you’re looking for a guilty treat for a speedy lunch then look no further; you can find scrumptious burgers, pizzas, wraps and chips here, with fake meats, cheeses and a whole lot of salt!  You can even get a vegan version of Berlin’s famous Currywurst.  Whilst fast-food certainly isn’t the healthiest, we think it’s great that vegans can have their very own cruelty-free version of McDonalds.


Whilst this isn’t a solely vegan establishment, it is definitely one of our absolute favourite places to eat; not only are you guaranteed a creative and delicious meal but the owner of Häppies is one of the most welcoming and friendly people around.  This cute little find makes and sells Germknödel, which are steamed yeast buns, filled with all sorts of delicious things.  The ‘Ben’ is vegan, which is filled with curried tofu and topped with a mango and coconut sauce and peanuts.  However, ‘Netti’, the sweet option made with plum jam, can be made vegan on request.  If you are in Berlin, make sure to stop by Häppies – you’ll no doubt leave with a smile on your face and a häppie tummy.


When it comes to the best vegan restaurants Berlin can offer, this list is by no means exhaustive! But if you’re heading to the city and want some more tips on where to eat, feel free to get in touch – we’ll be happy to answer any questions!

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